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1983 “Versalles” – Orquestra Versalles (congas)

1989 “Olé Ola” Mongo Santamaria (percussion, vocals)

1987 “Canciones de Mi Padre” Linda Ronstadt **

1991 “Reality Bites Motion Picture Soundtrack” Big Mountain

1991 “Fires from Within Motion Picture Soundtrack” 

1992 “The Drum” Herbie Hancock

1992 “Iroko” – Bill Summers (arranger, composer, vocals, bata drums, percussion)

1993 “Icons in Space” Aerial Display (percussion)

1994 “Master Sessions Volume I” Israel “Cachao” Lopez (percussion and background vocals)**

1995 “Dis is Da Drum” Herbie Hancock (bata)

1995 “Master Sessions Volume II” Israel “Cachao” Lopez (percussion and background vocals)*

1996 “H2O” Francisco Aguabella & His Latin Jazz Ensemble (lead vocals & timbales)

1996 “Tata Masamba” Ricardo Lemvo & Maquina Loca (conga, bongo, vocals)

1997 “Backwards in Time” Michael Sembello

1997 “L.A. Amistad” Johnny Polanco y Su Conjunto Amistad 

1997 “Passion Dance” – Herb Alpert (bata drums)

1998 “Mambo YoYo” – Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca (congas)

1998 “Soca Mi Nice” – Mongo Santamaria (percussion and vocals)

1998 “Wild Muse” – Strunz/Farah (congas)

1999 “Agua De Cuba” – Francisco Aguabella

1999 “Cubamania! The Undiscovered Cuba Series” 

1999 “Cuban Roots Revisited” – Mark Weinstein & Cuban Roots (timbales)

1999 “Late Night Sessions” – Carabana Cubana * (percussion)

1999 “Supernatural” – Carlos Santana (percussion)**

2000 “Night of the Living Mambo” – Mamborama

2000 “On Fire” – Orquesta La Palabra

2001 “Mucho Mongo: – Soca Mi Nice & Olé Ola” 

2001 “Pa’l Bailador” – Johnny Polanco

2001 “San Rafael 560” – Daniel De los reyes (vocals, bongos, cajon, cowbell) 

2002 “Ancient Future” – Michael Sembello

2002 “Mongo Head” – Kodo

2003 “Breakthrough” – Orquesta La Palabra (percussion)

2003 “Original Afro Cuban Music” – Odara 

2003 “Rezoz” – Bobi Cespedes (percussion & background vocals)

2005 “Lost City Motion Picture Soundtrack” 

2005 “Origen” – Manny Silvera (timbal, bongos)

2006 “Descarga de California” – Rebeca Mauléon (lead vocals)

2006 “Lost City Motion Picture Soundtrack” (bata drums)

2008 “About Time” – Andrés

2008 “Cuento en Clave” – Perico Hernandez (percussion)

2009 “Bassed in America” – Manny Silvera (bata drums)

2015 “Legacy” – Ray Martinez (bata, chekere, background vocals)


“Canciones de Mi Padre"
Linda Ronstadt

1987 Grammy Award Winner: Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album
• Certified double-platinum
• Sold over 2.5 million in the US
• The biggest selling non-English language album in American history at the time of it's release

“Master Sessions Volume I”
Israel “Cachao” Lopez

1994 Grammy Award Winner:
Best Tropical Latin Performance

“Master Sessions Volume II”
Israel “Cachao” Lopez

1995 Grammy Award Nominee:
Best Latin Album

Late night sessions

“Late Night Sessions”
Carabana Cubana

2000 Grammy Award Nominee:
• Best Traditional Tropical Latin Performance
• Best Recording Package


“Supernatural' - Carlos Santana

2000 Winner of 9 Grammy Awards: • Album of the year • Best Rock Album Billboard Music Awards:
Album of the year • 15 Times Platinum • Sold over 30 Million Copies Worldwide • Matched Michael Jackson’s record of 8 Grammy wins in one day

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